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Baumgardner House Lifting strives to extend the established family reputation as standard bearers for professionalism among New Jersey builders. With nearly seventy years of combined experience, the Baumgardners have an accomplished record of success in commercial general construction and architectural glasswork. The family businesses were founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to their customers. The consistency of their performance has allowed the Baumgardners to build strong and lasting relationships with owners, architects, contractors and government officials throughout New Jersey.

Baumgardner House Lifting was one of the few elevation contractors selected as a prequalified contractor in July of 2013 for the Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation, and Mitigation (“RREM”) Program initiated by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. This distinction was made possible by our comprehensive riggers insurance coverage and our ability to provide full bonding for any project.

In order to ensure that each of its projects are conducted with the utmost care, Baumgardner House Lifting has hired the technical expertise of some of the most renowned names in the field of structural elevation and moving. Our lifting crews are shepherded by third generation structural movers with more than fifty years of combined experience and whose accomplishments have earned them national acclaim.

In addition to home elevation services, Baumgardner House Lifting has assembled a team of in-house professionals with the skill to provide premier turnkey residential construction services at a competitive price. Our generations of experience with local designers and fellow New Jersey tradesman enable us to offer you the best New Jersey craftsmen with dollars that will stay in the Garden State. We have detailed knowledge of the changing RREM Program which allows us to help customers navigate what can be a confusing process. Most importantly, our builder’s guarantee is backed by presence on the New Jersey Shore that will endure long after the memory of Sandy has faded away.

Meet The Team

JOHN MATYIKO III, lead operator

John Matyiko III is a third generation house mover whose family name is inextricably linked to sophisticated structural moving. His experience moving historical buildings includes the relocation of the 210 foot tall Cape Hatteras Light House more than a half mile from its 1870 foundations and moving the Old Coast Guard Station in Virginia Beach. His family’s projects have been repeatedly featured on the History Channel program “Mega Movers.” His longstanding familiarity and skillful use of the unified hydraulic jacking system allow BHL to confidently handle the most challenging projects that New Jersey has to offer.

ANDREW BAUMGARDNER, president and owner

Andrew Baumgardner is dedicated to achieving BHL’s sustained success by exceeding customer’s expectations.  After witnessing the destruction that Superstorm Sandy wreaked on his hometown, Andrew was inspired to establish a residential elevation and construction company that will responsibly rebuild the Jersey Shore to the high quality standard that is associated with his family name.

COLIN SCHMITT, V.P. of development

Having served as project manager, estimator and cost engineer for some of the region’s largest construction managers from New York City to Washington, D.C., Colin Schmitt brings a range of professional experience to BHL. Licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, he has served contractors as a construction litigator, in addition to having held in-house counsel positions with a surety and commercial real estate developer.


Nick DiBiase is a civil engineer who brings 26 years of construction management experience to his role in overseeing BHL’s operations.  His expansive background in managing large scale, fast-tracked commercial projects, combined with his practical aptitude at solving problems in the field, enable BHL to push project delivery schedules without losing sight of each customer’s specific concerns.

BHL is a Proud Member of IASM